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Seagull Cedar Top 6-string

After a bit of a delay while the website was being upgraded, I’m finally able to post a few fixes that I’ve been working on in the meantime.  This one is a Seagull 6-string acoustic with a cedar top.  Seagull makes good, inexpensive guitars.  I used to be in love with a cedar-top 12-string while I was living in Austin but I couldn’t afford it back then.  Now I can afford it but I can’t find one!

This one has a few problems.  The biggest is a crack in the top along the lower part of the body.  It’s practically invisible (I can’t even show it in a picture) but is unstable and moves when you put pressure on it.  Cosmetically it’s no big deal, but if left alone it could destabilize the top, as well as increase in size until it is visible.   A few cross-grained spruce cleats are glued to the underside of the soundboard and held in place with rare-earth magnets.

The crack holds steady.  A very light coat of thinned lacquer is put over the crack to soak into any exposed wood and prevent moisture absorption that could cause swelling or shrinkage later.

Additionally on this one, the client describes buzzing in the lower frets.  A quick truss rod adjustment takes care of this.

Finally, the battery box is missing the door, and the battery is held in by a piece of medical tape.  It works for now, but it’s not terribly attractive and has an inherent risk of failure at the worst time.  A replacement battery box fixes this problem.

The client is satisfied, so much so that he offers to revamp the Black Watch website for free (Thanks, Nic!).  Sure, I’ll work for trade!

~ by badmin on July 20, 2011.

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