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Gibson Les Paul – NUTS!

This week I’m working on a true Les Paul.  This tobaccoburst beauty belongs to Dave Utorka, lead guitarist for the heavy outfit Chemical Tree.

Doc Holliday's Weapon of Choice

Dave’s primary complaint is the inability of this lady to stay in tune.  The majority of tuning issues in guitars can be traced to a problem at the nut, and this one is no different.

Gibson, it is rumored (…), has been having some quality control issues recently.  Whatever the case, this Les has a solid bone nut, but for some reason it isn’t behaving.  Most bone nuts, properly fitted, have no issues at all.  My friend Evan Gluck, New York luthier to the stars, reports that sometimes “you just get a bad piece of bone”.

After working with the stock nut for a while, Dave and I decided to swap it out for a Graphite nut.  A little fitting work, and Dave reports that it plays like a champ and has no more tuning issues.  He’s got another Les and a Telecaster that need some work, so keep tuned!

~ by badmin on November 23, 2011.

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