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Airline Town and Country!


Here’s a tasty little tidbit.  This is a vintage Airline Town and Country model that was brought to me in July.   Date of manufacture unknown…Airline wasn’t real big on keeping records, or having organized serial numbers.  It was brought to me because another repairman had deemed it (you guessed it) “not worth the money”.





The original owner’s driver’s license number. For whatever that’s worth these days.


In all truthiness, there’s not much wrong with this that a decent setup job can’t fix.  The owner also doesn’t like the way the guitar is wired.  Airline did some interesting things back then, and this was one of them.  She’s got individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, a selector switch, and a master volume.  But the selector switch is a VERY atypical switch that they wired to do some…interesting…(read: awful-sounding) things.









Dig them giant oil and paper caps.

So she got rewired with a modified Les Paul arrangement.  The selector switch needed some very creative wiring to make it do a standard Les Paul function.  Honestly, replacing it with a more traditional switch would have been easier, but again, I like to keep things as original as possible.

The setup was fairly routine…I replaced the nut with a solid bone nut.  In the process of removing the old nut, I found that it had been previously shimmed up with pieces of…broken razor blades.


I shit you not.


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