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Martin Tenor

For some reason this year, I’m doing more repair work on odd ducks than I am on “routine” Strats and Les Pauls.

This little lady belongs to a friend of one of my best clients.  This is a 1965 Martin Tenor acoustic.  Tenor guitars were big in the 60’s and 70’s singer-songwriter era, and you don’t see many of them anymore.  Check out Neko Case for some tasty tenor stuff.  But I digress.



This guitar has been in a case under the bed for years, and the owner has decided that it’s time to get her back out for some creative outlet.  Unfortunately, “under a bed in Texas” is about the worst place for a guitar to be in Texas, as evidenced by the cracks in the top shown here.



These cracks occur a lot in this area of the guitar, not just because of the dry climate, but because over time, these older pickguards tend to shrink, putting a lot of tension on the top.  Fortunately, there’s minimal separation, so the crack can be stabilized with a few cross-grained spruce cleats, and a repair spline won’t be necessary.



Over time, the neck has settled and the top has bellied slightly, so the action on this guitar would really be much better with a total neck reset.  The owner is happy with it as is, and tenors are fairly easy to play anyway, so until that becomes critical, this one got a final setup and went back to the owner.




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