About Me

My name is Paul Burnside, and I will be honest with you: I am not a professional luthier, but I have been playing, building, and repairing these instruments for 20 years so I have a good amount of experience in the field.

I don’t do this for a living, it is a sideline. This means that I am not under pressure to make money from this. I do it because I love the work. I enjoy the relief a player gets when he realizes that the difficulty in learning or playing an instrument isn’t due to a lack of talent or ability, but rather due to an instrument that isn’t properly set up. I enjoy the satisfaction the player gets in playing an instrument that is set up and fine-tuned to his or her individual playing style.

This also means that I will work with you until you are satisfied with the services you have received. If my setup is not to your expectations, I will continue to adjust your instrument until you are happy, at no additional charge.

I consider myself an honest person, and I will not recommend repairs that I do not feel are necessary or that may adversely affect your instrument. I do not mark up parts (except to include cost of shipping), and I don’t mind if you provide your own parts.

Also, if I feel that a repair or setup is beyond my ability to perform, I will gladly refer you to a professional luthier for further evaluation. I am not compelled to take on a serious job on an expensive instrument just to pay my bills.

I am also willing to consider building an entirely custom instrument to a player’s specifications – feel free to contact me with your ideas.