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Martin Tenor

For some reason this year, I’m doing more repair work on odd ducks than I am on “routine” Strats and Les Pauls. This little lady belongs to a friend of one of my best clients.  This is a 1965 Martin Tenor acoustic.  Tenor guitars were big in the 60’s and 70’s singer-songwriter era, and you… Continue reading →

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Airline Town and Country!

  Here’s a tasty little tidbit.  This is a vintage Airline Town and Country model that was brought to me in July.   Date of manufacture unknown…Airline wasn’t real big on keeping records, or having organized serial numbers.  It was brought to me because another repairman had deemed it (you guessed it) “not worth the money”…. Continue reading →

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Epiphone Archtop Restoration

“Wowee wow wow.”  -C. Walken So this project came along in April.  This is an 1940 Epiphone archtop with some serious stuff going on.  A large piece of the back is missing from the bass side upper bout, and there are structural cracks present in both directions.     The binding on the neck is… Continue reading →

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Ovation Deacon Electric

Yes yes yes…it’s been two years since I posted a blog.  As they say, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.  But I’ve been working aplenty, so here are some of the more interesting cases that I’ve come across. This here is a fairly rare Ovation Deacon electric guitar, brought to me… Continue reading →

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Univox with no Vox!

Here was a fun but ultimately frustrating fix.  This Univox electric was brought to me with the complaint of “no sound”.  This guitar just oozes mojo. This picture was taken after all the work was done on it.  It was initially brought to me in pieces (PAY ATTENTION NOW! THAT’S IMPORTANT LATER IN THE STORY!)… Continue reading →

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Gibson EDS-1275 – the Felder Mod

It’s been a while but I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs.  I’m just hopelessly deficient in updating the website.  But I’ve had some great stuff in the shop recently.  This one is a Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck, aka “The Jimmy Page” model, belonging to Darren Wise, guitarist for Dallas hard rock band Brand New Machine. She’s… Continue reading →

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Gibson SJ-200 clone

This week I’ve also been working on a jumbo acoustic. From a distance, it is a dead ringer for a Super Jumbo 200.  But up close, there are some telling factors that give it away as a relatively well-done clone.  They’re all over the place, people, I’m tellin ya. The inlays on the fretboard are… Continue reading →

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Gibson Les Paul – NUTS!

This week I’m working on a true Les Paul.  This tobaccoburst beauty belongs to Dave Utorka, lead guitarist for the heavy outfit Chemical Tree. Dave’s primary complaint is the inability of this lady to stay in tune.  The majority of tuning issues in guitars can be traced to a problem at the nut, and this… Continue reading →

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Les(s) Paul Repairs

In the shop this week is what would appear to be a heavily worn Gibson Les Paul. Much like Old Kentucky Sharke, this guitar has been there.   But closer inspection shows some construction issues that reveal that this guitar is a cleverly done reproduction of a Les Paul.  For instance, the headstock logo is wrong…. Continue reading →

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Seagull Cedar Top 6-string

After a bit of a delay while the website was being upgraded, I’m finally able to post a few fixes that I’ve been working on in the meantime.  This one is a Seagull 6-string acoustic with a cedar top.  Seagull makes good, inexpensive guitars.  I used to be in love with a cedar-top 12-string while… Continue reading →

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