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The Falcon Mandolin Twins

Some of you may have heard of my latest project: a pair of twin mandolins based on the body shape and style of the Gretsch Falcon series. One of these is being built as a custom order, the other is being made at the same time for sale to the public. The custom order is… Continue reading →

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3/4 Upright Bass

This week I’m working on setting up a 3/4 upright. The client bought it brand-new under less-than-optimal circumstances from a sketchy individual. The brand is unknown, there are no maker’s marks on it anywhere so it probably came from an overseas bulk manufacturer. For all of that, it’s a fairly nice bass. Sure, it’s got… Continue reading →

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Fender Jazz Bass

This client asked to have the existing electronics in this Fender Jazz removed and replaced with a set of Sadowsky pickups and preamp. This is top-of-the-line gear and it really put the sound of this bass (which was great to begin with) over the top. The retrofit went very well and the client is very… Continue reading →

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